Just Your Standard Impromptu Porcupine C-Section Leads The Daily Links

Plus the biggest party schools in every state in the U.S., 25 stores and what they should actually be named, and the never-ending wonders of extreme makeup techniques.

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It’s a tale as old as time: Man gathering mushrooms sees porcupine killed by car; man realizes that he’s heard that there’s a valuable mineral deposit that forms in porcupines’ stomachs; man cuts open porcupine; finds baby porcupine, etc., you know. - [NBC]

American Apparel / Via store.americanapparel.net

25 stores and what they should actually be called, e.g., American Apparel: The Exploitation & Scrunchie Emporium. - [Thought Catalog]


This guy takes full-on cosplay down a notch (not that he doesn’t go the Harajuku-girl route eventually), and the transformation he undergoes with some basic makeup techniques is pretty amazing! - [RocketNews24]

This science guy makes his case for making a real-life “Jurassic Park,” and I gotta tell you, I don’t even need reasons. Let’s do this! - [The Week]


Shante Taylor’s been by his side for 16 years, as Snoop grew from a mere Dogg to a Lion. Check out 19 other celebs who married their high-school sweethearts. - [Ranker]

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