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    First Look At "Orange Is The New Black" Leads The Daily Links

    Plus Robert Redford and Will Ferrel have an historic debate, Cookie Monster becomes the "Wolf of Sesame Street," and reviews of 9 "hangover cures."


    Unlike the unfortunate "mock job fair" outfits our favorite inmates put together, season 2 of "Orange is the New Black" is sure to be a WIN. Check out the first available pics! - [Variety]


    Robert Redford wants to restore the Colorado River Delta through the "Raise the River" project; Will Ferrell wants to move the ocean instead. Watch this historic debate. - [AdWeek]


    Find out the real deal behind 9 popular hangover cures. - [Details]

    Thought Catalog

    Ricky Gervais guesses what his superpower would be if he were a movie villain. Watch him prove himself right on Conan. - [UPROXX]

    eBaum's World

    Australians have some very serious opinions about Domino's Pizza—watch the video to get onboard the emotional roller coaster. - [eBaum's World]


    Kate Moss has a sister; SHE IS ONLY 16; she will now be a model. - [teenVOGUE}

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