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    Thirteen Tips For Landing A Wife In The 19th Century Leads The Daily Links

    Plus 7 secrets to growing long and healthy hair, 6 tips for making the best iced-coffee (Italian style), and the 1 yoga myth that may be holding you back.


    "Make sure your intended has a lusciously bulbous head," and so many more precious gems of advice await you in this post! - [mental_floss]

    Men's Health

    People who eat hummus have a 50% lower chance of being obese than people who don't eat hummus! - [Men's Health]


    Jason Biggs spills some deets on what season two of "Orange Is the New Black" has in store for fans. - [DuJour]


    The No. 1 myth about yoga, and how learning the truth can change everything! - [Greatist]


    All iced coffee is not created equal—here are 6 ways the Italians do it better. - [epicurious]