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    A Definitive Ranking Of The 46 Sports Played At The Tokyo Summer Olympics

    Not every sport will win a medal on this list.

    After a year delay, the 2020 Summer Olympic Games are here!

    To celebrate the return of the Games, let's go over the 46 sports featured in Tokyo.

    And to get in the spirit, go ahead and hit play on this.

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    46. Golf

    45. Shooting

    If shooting a sport, can we make a case for darts to be in the Olympics too?

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    44. Track Cycling

    43. Sailing

    42. Road Cycling

    41. Equestrain

    40. Karate

    39. Baseball/Softball

    38. Judo

    37. Wrestling

    36. Rowing

    35. Swimming

    34. Archery

    33. Canoe Sprint

    32. Canoe Slalom

    31. Fencing

    30. Rhythmic Gymnastics

    29. Taekwondo

    28. Boxing

    27. Basketball

    26. Mountain Bike Cycling

    25. Weightlifting

    24. Tennis

    23. Artistic Swimming

    22. Surfing

    21. Hockey

    20. Skateboarding

    19. Rugby

    18. Football

    17. BMX Racing

    16. BMX Freestyle

    15. 3x3 Basketball

    14. Marathon Swimming

    13. Sport Climbing

    12. Volleyball

    11. Diving

    10. Badminton

    9. Athletics

    8. Handball

    7. Modern Pentathlon

    What's better than excelling in one Olympic sport? Excelling in multiple. The modern pentathlon sees athletes compete in two fencing rounds, a swimming race, and horse jumping course. The pentathlon ends with a "laser-run," which combines shooting and running.

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    6. Triathalon

    5. Water Polo

    4. Beach Volleyball

    3. Table Tennis

    2. Artistic Gymnastics

    1. Trampoline Gymnastics

    Undeniably fun to watch, yet terribly underrated. Give Trampoline events the gold!

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