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17 Secrets New Look Staff Will Never Tell You

"No, all the shoes aren't meant to be lying on the floor!"

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1. Customers manage to buy two odd shoes more often than you'd expect.

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We're supposed to scan shoes separately to make sure customers don't go home with two left feet or two different sizes. But somehow it still ends up happening.

2. Which is one of the reasons being asked to cover the shoe section on a Saturday afternoon is the absolute worst.

Instagram: @_ponyash_

No matter how long you spend matching up the pairs, the shoes will end up in a massive pile in the middle of the floor.

3. We're all obsessed with visiting the Marble Arch store in London.

The shiny silver stairs to shopping heaven!
Via Flickr: stevecadman

The shiny silver stairs to shopping heaven!

4. And we all want to work during the early morning delivery.

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As soon as the delivery arrives, we get first pick of the new items. Which means that if only one of each size comes in, the most popular items never even make it to the shop floor.

5. There's something really enjoyable about having to untangle all the necklaces.

Instagram: @thecherrycross

Spending all afternoon working on one huge knot is weirdly therapeutic.

6. Size-ordering clothes, however, is less enjoyable.

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The clothes sit better on the rails if size 6 is at the front, ascending to size 18. But ordering them is the bane of our lives.

7. That said, working on the changing room is hands down the worst job.

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Not only do customers never put their clothes back on the hangers, but we also have to deal with couples trying to sneak into changing rooms together. We've also seen every type of bodily fluid on the changing room floors, including vomit and urine.

8. We can tell when you wear your clothes and then return them.

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It's obvious when your clothes smell a bit funny that that you've worn them out with the label on. Come on!

9. We can also tell when you bring red markers in and reduce our prices yourselves.

Instagram: @georgeparky

We know that those new leather jackets aren't half price and we don't recognise the handwriting.

10. Dressing mannequins is surprisingly tricky.

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Their arms and legs keep falling off.

11. And no, we're not allowed to take clothes off them.

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We know you really want that top in an 8, but we aren't allowed to give it to you. And we see you trying to sneakily undress it.

12. Everyone loves taking selfies in our new mirrors.

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Watching you strike the same pose a million times is actually really fun.

13. Overnight shifts always turn into fashion shows.

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Every Christmas we do a night shift to get the stock ready. But mostly we just try on all the clothes.

14. If we're about to reduce an item, we pencil the new price on the back of the label.


But we do it in code, so "0007" means the top will be reduced to £7.

15. We get 50% off all New Look clothes.

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Goodbye salary!

16. And we can't help pointing out New Look clothes on strangers we see in the outside world.

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If we see a girl in the pub wearing a New Look dress from five years ago, we'll tell you.

17. And because of the good prices, and the time we spend in store, we always wear head-to-toe New Look.

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