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11 Old People You Can't Wait To Be When You Grow Up

Guess what? A recent study has said eating cereal may help you live longer because you are less likely to die from a chronic disease. And Kellogg’s reckons that’s cool because you should live your best life.

1. The "flawless fashionista" woman:

2. The "dance like no one's watching" gramps:

3. The "going on an around-the-world trip because I'm now retired" guy:

4. The "shady" aunty:

5. The "super confident in my own skin now that I'm older" woman:

6. The "let's just sit in a park and do crosswords forever" couple:

7. The "still loves the memes" grandma:

8. The "I don't feel like doing that today so I won't" guy:

9. The "no matter how old I get, I'm still going to be at the gym" granddad:

10. The "I can fall asleep anywhere" pops:

11. The "no matter how old we get, we're still hitting the club" nonnas:

So yeah, eat more high-fibre cereal and grow up to be whoever you want to be.