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What Your Coffee Says About You

The most satirical coffee reading you will receive

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Straight Black


It is just like your soul. You tolerate no BS and are always the one to make sure that everyone is on track. You are probably told very often to relax and take things less seriously but really that is what Xanax is for.

Espresso Coffees (macchiattos, cappuccino)


You are the basic Instagrammer, when you get fancy coffee it will be posted on social media. You are trying to bring out your inner hipster and be cool, but when in reality you are just a wanna be and spend a lot of money on expensive coffee.



You are the basic teenager who walks around the mall with their friends wearing UGGs and Northfaces. You are too young and inexperienced to actually handle coffee. But its okay you can at least dance with Marshawn Lynch.

Iced Coffee


You are a basic person who can not handle your life prior to one cup of coffee. You will drink iced coffee all year round regardless of blizzards occurring outside. You are basically trying to be the next reality star.



The PSL is the definition of the most basic level that you can achieve. If you are drinking regular lattes you are still basic, but if it is pumpkin spice you have achieved a new level. in fact you are probably drinking it now, not much more I can say.

I hope you enjoyed your daily coffee roast

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