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Advice From A Retired Flower Girl

The Flower Girl is just as important as the bride, if not more.

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1. Own that Bridal Shower

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Yes, the wedding is all about the bride, but would she be anything without you? Of course not! Make sure to show the bridal party what you are made of and set the playing field. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your bubbly personality and act like a diva because this may be your only chance without your mom telling you off. Just remember: YOU ARE THE QUEEN.

2. Drink the Sparkling Cider and pretend its Champaign

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You want to feel older? Drink the juice! All of the adults will think its hilarious and you will feel like you fit in with the rest of the bridal party. It doesn’t actually contain alcohol, so don’t think you’re doing something wrong – you are just doing it for the giggles. It’ll taste like bubbly apple juice… don’t worry!

3. Save the tears for another day

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You may not want to act like you are drinking alcohol, but just go with it and hold back the tears. It may be overwhelming, keeping up with your Flower Girl duties, but when in doubt take a deep breath and remind yourself that you are the queen.

4. Make your brother your personal escort

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This is your one chance to boss around your brother. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT! Tell him to hold your train so that it doesn’t get dirty. That’s the last thing you need.

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