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Greatest Moments From This Summers "Bachelor In Paradise"

already confirmed for a season 2 next summer, this years bachelor in paradise was definetly not one to miss. .. unless of course you still have faith in humanity.

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although some had already gotten what they came for..

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56 minutes after Cody met michelle and said this

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skip to 1:29 for the good stuff

But then this...

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"hulk dick"

And then this..

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even though theres a 99.9% chance shes watching these episodes with her 9 year old daughter


After Dylan told her not once, not twice, but THREE times not to give him the rose, she did it anyways. After he turned it down, she had this to say..

"I wanna thank Dylan, because i, as a woman, and every woman here, deserves 100%. 100% and a man thats gunna fight for her. I know that you know that life.. brings.. a lot of things.. life brings, ups and downs, and i know that myself and every woman here deserves someone thats going to be there through thick and thin, through sickness and health.. and everything"

A few days later, when Chris injures his knee and asks Elise to leave with him

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post fanstasy suite, obviously goes with him.

"Sometimes there's a storm just to get to that beautiful rainbow, and Chris and I can make a beautiful rainbow together. I am so positive right now that nothing could ruin that" - elise

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