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23 Ways You Know You've Worked In Field

Never let field come to the fancy party. But if you do, be prepared for amazing times. Also, field pals, I know I might have missed stuff. If you're really hell bent on getting your feelings out there, submit a post to Campaign Sick.

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1. You know what DVC, Vol recruit, RFD, FD, CM, DFD, RF, LM, NH, WX, WN, DC, and IN all mean.

2. VAN rules your life.

3. You hate yard signs.

4. You pride yourself in your hard ask and realize that you start using it in your everyday life.

5. Weekend canvasses in multiple staging locations? Bring it on.

6. Sleep becomes more important than showering, laundry, and most forms of cleanliness.

7. You have hooked up with your boss, a co-worker, or a volunteer.

8. You have managed to live on pizza, wings, beer, soda, and baked goods for an extended period of time.

9. NationalField. Enough said.

10. You drink while doing data entry.

11. You have had a dance party to the hold music with your office.

12. You have become friends with people you have never met on the statewide reporting conference call.

13. Trainings = Forced family fun = Drinking.

14. Reporting times rule your life.

15. The first time you meet your candidate:

Every time after

16. Weekends off? LOL

17. When you get invited to a finance event, you eat as much food as humanly possible.

18. You know real numbers don't end in 5 or 0.

19. Viz wars at debates? Full on tactical planning.

20. You get scared when you think about having to wear anything besides a campaign t-shirt, jeans, and flip flops.

21. Your office has been a storefront in some Smalltown, USA which should have been condemned.

22. While you love and couldn't imagine your life without your vols, some of your volunteers think they're on the West Wing.

23. After every campaign, you swear you are going to quit field and become a "real life person". Time passes and it always draws you back in.

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