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    Jul 9, 2014

    Whoopi Goldberg Has An Insane Shoe Collection That'll Make You Envy Her

    Ohmygod, shoes!

    Whoopi Goldberg is not your traditional fashionista. Her look (best described as "New Age College Professor") hasn't changed in decades.

    But while she likes comfort on top, her toes are a different story: her shoe collection is full of next level stuff.

    ABC / Via

    Like this pair of fox-patterned booties.

    Or these psychedelic pumps.

    There was the pair that looked like a banana peel.

    ABC / Via

    And the pair that made her the talk of the holiday party.

    She once rocked this pair of gum-heeled shoes.

    ABC / Via

    She makes a splash even when she wears something a little more comfortable.

    But who needs comfort when your shoes can do this?

    ABC / Via

    You know what they say...

    Shoe love is true love.

    ABC / Via
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