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    Proof That Taylor Swift Is On the Cusp Of A Major Feminist Awakening

    She’s happy, free and no longer confused about the importance of gender equality. At the same time.

    Has Taylor Swift changed her mind about feminism? A couple of years ago her refusal to identify as feminist launched a million think pieces and a parody Twitter account. But what about today? Times, have they a changed? Let's look at the evidence.

    Exhibit A: She’s replaced boyfriends with girlfriends.

    Exhibit B: Most of her new BFFs are outspoken, unapologetic feminists.

    NBC / Via

    Taylor hasn't just been surrounding herself with women, she's been surrounding herself with feminists. Outspoken ones at that! Between Tavi, Lorde and Lena Dunham there's no way Taylor still thinks feminism is about pitting "guys versus girls."

    Exhibit C: She was spotted buying feminist literature in New York City.

    Exhibit D: Riot GRRRL Kathleen Hanna has said she’s a fan.


    Look, we all know Taylor is queen of the Google Alert. She clearly makes a point to become friends with everyone that ever talks about her. She's got to know that Kathleen Hanna is a fan. That means a "Rebel Girl" cover is totally plausible, right?

    Exhibit E: She’s retired her most slut-shame-y song.

    Exhibit F: Sources close to her new album are hinting at “broadened subject matter.”

    @StarletonEnt Good question. The other thing I've inferred from brief conversations is that her subject matter has broadened.


    @StarletonEnt Good question. The other thing I've inferred from brief conversations is that her subject matter has broadened.

    9:30 AM - 16 Apr 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    That's, like, almost definitely a euphemism for feminism.

    Exhibit G: She’s actually been pretty feminist all along.

    TaylorSwiftVEVO / Via

    Yes, seriously. She's a young woman who has risen to the top of male-dominated industry without catering to the male gaze or surrendering her point of view. She chose to sign to a small label so she could be in control of her career. She writes about her feelings. Her audience is almost exclusively young women.

    Here's to hoping she finds the vocabulary to talk about the feminism she's been practicing since the start!

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