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    Jennifer Lopez Ditches Pitbull For Iggy Azalea On "Booty" Remix

    Warning: #DoubleBubbleTrouble ahead.

    Jennifer Lopez and her iconic behind have teamed up with the bootylicious Iggy Azalea for a remix her latest single, an ode to all things ass titled "Booty."

    Pitbull features on the album version of the track but was replaced by Iggy for the remix.

    Iggy also took to Instagram to inform fans that a music video is forthcoming and it looks exactly like you'd expect from the preview:

    Whether it will reach the same heights as Nicki Minaj's asstounding "Anaconda" video remains to be seen. But shots? They have been fired.

    NickiMinajVEVO / Via

    #DoubleBubbleTrouble indeed.

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