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Jennifer Lopez Ditches Pitbull For Iggy Azalea On "Booty" Remix

Warning: #DoubleBubbleTrouble ahead.

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Jennifer Lopez and her iconic behind have teamed up with the bootylicious Iggy Azalea for a remix her latest single, an ode to all things ass titled "Booty."

Pitbull features on the album version of the track but was replaced by Iggy for the remix.

J.Lo / Via

The hashtags J.Lo used to caption the above Instagram say it all: #jlobooty #aintseenabootylikethissincejennyfromtheblock #doublebubbletrouble #jloiggybooty

Iggy also took to Instagram to inform fans that a music video is forthcoming and it looks exactly like you'd expect from the preview:

thenewclassic / Via

Whether it will reach the same heights as Nicki Minaj's asstounding "Anaconda" video remains to be seen. But shots? They have been fired.

NickiMinajVEVO / Via

#DoubleBubbleTrouble indeed.

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