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    Posted on Jun 14, 2014

    14 Celebrities That Make Being A CoverGirl Look Easy

    An easy, breezy, beautiful walk down memory lane.

    1. Brandy

    Via Flickr: 48807079@N00

    In addition to posing pretty for these colorful ads, Brandy sang and danced her way through this excellent Outlast lip-gloss commercial.

    2. Dania Ramirez


    This bilingual beauty currently does double duty, starring in both English and Spanish-language ads.

    3. Drew Barrymore


    CoverGirl Drew Barrymore helped make LashBlast Volume one of the most successful mascara launches in history!

    4. Ellen Degeneres


    Funny lady Ellen Degeneres became a CoverGirl for the first time at age 50!

    5. Faith Hill


    The country singer served as a CoverGirl spokeswoman in the the early '00s. She even sang a countrified version of the iconic jingle in a television commercial!

    6. Janelle Monáe


    Janelle Monáe brought serious cool-girl cache to the brand when she became a spokeswoman in 2012.

    7. Katy Perry


    Popstar and make-up enthusiast Katy Perry is the latest addition to the CoverGirl family.

    8. Keri Russell


    Before she was a spy on The Americans, Keri Russell used her sleuthing skills to combat double-crossing lip-gloss in CoverGirl ads.

    9. NERVO


    Australian DJ duo NERVO bring an edgy, EDM-inspired vibe to their CoverGirl ads.

    10. Pink


    CoverGirl Pink proves that beauty and strength aren't mutually exclusive.

    11. Queen Latifah


    CoverGirl loves their longtime spokeswoman Queen Latifah so much they named their make-up for dark skin collection after her!

    12. Rihanna


    While Rihanna had a successful three-year run with the cosmetics brand, it ended in controversy when competitor Revlon tried insinuating she was a bad role model for choosing to stay with abusive boyfriend Chris Brown.

    13. Sofia Vergara


    The Modern Family star has been the face of CoverGirl since she signed with the brand in 2011.

    14. Taylor Swift


    Taylor Swift got a full-on makeover for her CoverGirl ads! Instead of rocking her trademark curls, the singer-songwriter looks sleek and sexy as brunette.

    And, of course, the best CoverGirl that never was.

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