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13 Reasons Why "Caitlin's Way" Was Actually The Best Show From Your Childhood

Remembering Nickelodeon's best bad girl.

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1. Caitlin Seeger was a different kind of teen-show heroine: she was bitter, wore baggy pants and mostly kept to herself. Basically, she was perfect.


Fun fact: the show was originally supposed to be about a troubled boy but the creators changed their minds after meeting Lindsay Felton in an audition.

2. Coolest theme song ever.

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5. The show's soundtrack featured all kinds of cool indie bands.


Dig Circus, Neko Case, The New Pornographers, Cinderpop, A is A and Honeysuckle Serontina to name a few.

6. Instead of worrying about getting famous or the perils of living in a hotel penthouse, the characters on Caitlin's Way cared about real things like animal welfare, student rights and the environment.

7. Caitlin's foster family managed to be wholesome without being boring or overly traditional.


Her foster mom-slash-cousin Dori was a veterinarian. Dori's husband Jim was the local sheriff. Their son Griffen was an outdoorsy computer nerd. Wholesome, but not boring.

10. The show didn't sugarcoat things. Families fought. People died. Shit got real.

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Remember when Caitlin became friends with an elderly woman named Ruth only to have her die by the end of the episode? All of the feels.

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