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12 Things We Know About Hilary Duff’s Comeback Album

Lizzie McGuire is getting ready to slay your faves.

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1. She has a record deal!

Via Instagram: @hilaryduff

After months of writing and recording new material, Hilary announced she had signed a record deal in March of this year. While the label has yet to be announced, it's a major step forward for Hilary who has been unsigned since she left Hollywood Records in 2008.

3. Pop genius Charli XCX wants to be involved.

Last year the singer-songwriter tweeted her desire to write for Hilary's upcoming album. While there Hilary's team never publicly responded, Charli doesn't seem deterred -- in January she told BANG Showbiz that writing for Hilary "would be awesome." Maybe the with "Fancy" blowing up the charts, Hilary will finally start paying attention.


4. Ed Sheeran wrote a song for her.

Via Instagram: @hilaryduff

While Hilary might not work with Charli XCX, at least we know she’s worked with another indie-darling-turned-major-popstar: Ed Sheeran. That’s right, Hilary recorded a song written by Taylor Swift’s BFF! In May she Instagrammed a picture of herself in the recording studio with Sheeran.

5. Get ready for “So Yesterday Pt. II”

Via Twitter: @HilaryDuff

It’s been ten years since “So Yesterday” made her a major pop star but instead of trying to forget the past, Hilary’s trying to relive it! She’s confirmed this month that she’s reteaming with “So Yesterday” writer Lauren Christy to write songs for the new album.

6. She’s coming for that Top 40 smash.

Via Instagram: @hilaryduff

The album may have an “indie-pop vibe” but Hilary is working with some of the best hitmakers in the business. A shortlist of songwriters includes Ian Kirkpatrick, Toby Gad, Lindy Robbins and Billy Mann.

7. She’s been an active part of the writing process.

Via Instagram: @hilaryduff

While Hilary is working with some of the best songwriters in the business, she’s clearly taking a hands-on approach to the songwriting process. She’s credited as a co-writer on all the new songs registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.


8. Lots of confirmed song titles!

Between Hilary’s Instagram and the songs registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, we already know the titles of twelve songs: "Better Days," "Hurts," "Outlaw," "Tearing Down Walls," "Take It For What It Is," "Breathing Room," "Northern Star," "Night Like This," "Snow Globe," "This Heart," "Wild Night Out" and "It All Starts Tonight."

9. There might be a duet.

Via Instagram: @hilaryduff

Back in March Hilary posted photo of herself in the recording studio on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, “‘Night like this’ complete now need a male vocal! Any takers?” Here’s to hoping she found a singing partner!

10. She’s not holding back lyrically.

Via Instagram: @hilaryduff

If you were curious to hear how she feels about her separation from husband Mike Comrie, it looks like you’ll get your answer in the form of a song. Between the lyrics she’s been posting on Instagram and all the song titles, she doesn’t appear to be holding anything back.

11. It’s probably gonna sound something like this:

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Last month music producer Jerrod Bettis posted an instrumental snippet of new Hilary song to his Instagram. When news of the clip broke, he took the clip down but not before a quick-acting fan uploaded it to YouTube.

12. Her comeback can’t come soon enough!

Via Instagram: @hilaryduff

Fans have been waiting for this album for the better part of a decade. Hilary released her last album, Dignity, in 2007. While there have been soundtrack singles and a “Best Of” album, it’s been over seven years since Hilary’s last major release. Her fans have been waiting a long time to make this new album -- whatever it sounds like -- a major hit.

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