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A Quick Reminder That Brandy Is A National Treasure

Still ~down~ 20 years later.

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Let's rewind to 20 years ago, when a teenager named Brandy was popping off on the music scene and dropped "I Wanna Be Down," the lead single from her self-titled debut album. It was obvious she was on to something.

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She delivered exactly the kind of music that teenaged girls everywhere needed in their lives. The type of music that soundtracked homecoming dances, soothed dorm room breakups and made you pop-lock in celebration for having finally told the hottest guy on campus that you kind of, sort of had a thing for him.

Already on her way to becoming a star, Brandy later released a remix version of "I Wanna Be Down" featuring Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Yoyo that was somehow even more flawless.

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The remix gave her much-needed hip-hop street cred, elevating her from bubble gum pop singer to future reigning urban pop princess.

Now fast forward 20 years later to last night's BET Hip Hop Awards, when this happened:

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