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    The Definitive Ranking Of The Characters In "Friday"

    And you know this, maaaaaaaan!

    21. Hector (Demetrius Navarro)

    New Line Cinema

    He laced Smokey's marijuana with angel dust and didn't tell him. A pigeon coop was involved. Oh, Hector.

    20. Old Lady (LaWanda Page)

    New Line Cinema

    Her moment was brief — and her best line ("half-dead motherfucker") came after she gets a door slammed in her face — but it was a great way to open this comedy classic.

    19. Red's father (Reynaldo Rey)

    New Line Cinema

    He thought he was doing the right thing, taking his son to the neighborhood bully to kindly request for his bike back (the beach cruiser). How was he to know that his son would get knocked out?

    18. Joann, Smokey's mom (Vickilyn Reynolds)

    New Line Cinema

    She gives her son $1 and tells him to pick her up a pack of smokes. Even in 1995, you needed way more than a buck to get a pack of cigarettes. Mama, damn.

    17. Lil Chris (Jason Bose Smith)

    New Line Cinema

    The neighborhood badass kid who terrorizes everyone on trash day by kicking over the cans.

    16. Mrs. Parker (Kathleen Bradley)

    New Line Cinema

    Ah, yes. The woman everyone in the neighborhood is lusting after. Doesn't everyone dress like this to water the grass?

    15. Rita (Yvette Wilson)

    New Line Cinema

    After talking on the phone (a set up Debbie is to blame for), Rita told Smokey she looked like Janet Jackson. He thinks she looks more like Freddie Jackson.

    14. Debbie (Nia Long)

    New Line Cinema / Via Tumblr

    Debbie from down the street is the dream girl for everyone who lives between Normandie and Western (and especially Craig, who has a major crush). She also is Felisha's sister, and she bravely sticks up for her after discovering that Deebo (her sister's lover) abused her.

    13. Mrs. Jones (Anna Maria Horsford)

    New Line Cinema / Via Giphy

    She speaks her real feelings underneath her breath, but is nothing but delightful to a neighbor across the street who she thinks is inappropriately dressed.

    12. Stanley (Ronn Riser)

    New Line Cinema / Via Tumblr

    He has one request, kindly: Please stay off his friggin' grass. Don't walk on it. Use the sidewalk. Is this too much to ask?

    11. Red (DJ Pooh)

    New Line Cinema

    Poor guy. Can't catch a break. First Deebo takes his beach cruiser. Then he knocks him out because he simply asked for it back. Then he yanks the chain his grandma got him right off his neck. Fret not, he gets his chain back in the end. And his bike.

    10. Joi (Paula Jai Parker)

    New Line Cinema / Via Tumblr

    Perhaps she's the definition of ridiculous? Craig's girlfriend is upset because she heard through the grapevine that he was at the show (that's the cineplex, y'all!) all "hugged up with some tramp." Look closely and you'll see she's in bed with another man. So, yeah.

    9. Pastor Clever (Bernie Mac)

    New Line Cinema

    The comedian nailed this role as the unscrupulous preacher who admonishes marijuana as a sin (but so badly wants a hit) and later successfully hooks up with the sexiest (married) woman on the block.

    8. Ezal (Anthony Johnson)

    New Line Cinema / Via Tumblr

    This little guy was usually wherever trouble was and he was starting it.

    7. Dana Jones (Regina King)

    New Line Cinema

    Craig's sister was always delivering the realness to her brother.

    6. Deebo (Tommy "Tiny" Lister)

    New Line Cinema/Tumblr

    Folks shiver — and hide their chains and wallets – at his mere name. This bully uses his size to intimidate everyone else, until the day (SPOILER ALERT) Craig takes him down.

    5. Big Worm (Faizon Love)

    New Line Cinema / Via Giphy

    A drug dealer in plastic curlers? Yep. Even more interesting: He sells most of his chronic from the comforts of an ice cream truck. Actual ice cream be damned.

    4. Willie Jones (John Witherspoon)

    New Line Cinema

    All Craig's dad wants is some respect. And some hog maws. And also to teach his son that he should fight with his fists — like a man — and not with a gun or a knife. Here's some solid advice he hands out: "You live to fight another day."

    3. Felisha (Angela Means)

    New Line Cinema

    The origins of "Bye Felisha." She's forever begging to borrow something ridiculous (like a car) and Craig finally dismisses her with those two words that have since become a massive meme.

    2. Craig Jones (Ice Cube)

    New Line Cinema / Via Giphy

    We never did find out if Craig stole those boxes (the alleged crime that got him fired from his job on his day off). But hey, he's not a total slacker. He helped his BFF Smokey out when he needed to get a quick $200 to pay off a drug dealer — or at least he tried to!

    1. Smokey (Chris Tucker)

    New Line Cinema / Via Tumblr

    Basically, he's the best character ever. He speaks his mind, he's hilarious, and he's an unapologetic pothead who absolutely will encourage you to partake. As long as you don't fuck up the rotation. And you know this, man.

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