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7 Times "Addicted" Will Make You Sweat From All The Sexy

It doesn't really matter how well Addicted the movie holds up to Addicted the book, because the delicious men in this world of fantasy sex and bored-wife eroticism make up for everything.

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If you’re planning to see the movie adaptation of best-selling author Zane's Addicted when it opens on Oct. 10, it's for one reason and one reason only: to close your eyes (well, only slightly) and get swept up in the sex-crazed world that the author created for us in her 2001 novel of the same name.

And Zane lovers, rejoice: After much painstaking delay (the movie was supposed to come out earlier this spring), the adaptation holds up to the delicious bed-hopping scenes she paints so colorfully in her novel. This sexy tale of infidelity and love, chased with a morale message, doesn't miss a beat when it comes to sexy men everywhere.

So go ahead and pretend that you’re Sharon Leal’s Zoe — a happily married woman who has yet to unearth some dark secret about herself and one day wakes up to find out she has an insatiable appetite for sex with hot, steamy men.

Because we all deserve to play make-believe...

1. That time Quinton Canosa (William Levy) wraps his arms around you and whispers sweet, Spanish nothings into your ear.


Who among us cares what his words are? No one? Right. Thought so. You’re in an art gallery with this hotness, and are so caught up that you don't even care that your super-sexy husband is nearby.

2. That time your lover Corey (Tyson Beckford) cut those bedroom eyes at you, signaling that he’s ready for another go-round.


Oh? You want to have your shirt open, exposing all of that sexy chocolateness? Yes, Tyson Beckford. Yaaaaaas.

3. And that time Corey obsessively blew your phone up.


This man is calling you at all hours of the night because he wants you to have your way with him in a club bathroom or on his motorcycle? You’re answering that call.


4. That time your husband Jason Reynard (Boris Kodjoe) jumped in the shower with you to clean you up before getting dirty.

5. That time your other lover Quinton gave you this look while trying to coerce you into letting him paint a portrait of you.


Sure, this is all just a ploy to get you naked so that he can add you to his collection of gorgeous, naked women that he’s painted for all who walk into his studio to see, but…you're thinking about it.

6. And that time he propped you up on a sexy vintage car in a hidden getaway before attempting to have his way with you.


Who cares that you’re in a nasty, graffiti-decorated cove somewhere far and away and your expensive leather pencil skirt is getting car dust and bee pollen all over it? LOOK AT THIS MAN WHO WANTS YOU.