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    • kelleyhallm

      As an American living in Japan let me clarifyafew things. The Japanese are obsessed with perfection&their cultural heritage. They have all kinds of rules on gift giving (when, where, how much, how to wrap it, present it&how to giveagift back because someone gave you one). These fruits are the result of that obsession. There are plenty of Department stores&grocery stores here that have sections of “Fruit for Gifts”. It isn’t always as expensive as the prices mentioned here, but it is always more expensive than the regular fruit next to it due to the individualized care&intense labor given toafew fruits. It’sacultural thing&everyone buys it, not just the mega rich. Also in Japan if you ask for “organic” foods they look at you funny because EVERYTHING is organic here. It’s that cultural Perfection thing again. They stopped eating American raised beef years ago because of all the hormones, steroids, etc injected into our cattle making it less than perfect.

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