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This Duo Covered Every Pop Hit Of 2014 In 2.5 Minutes

Watch the Vine stars sing the year's biggest hits, exclusively on BuzzFeed.

It’s been a banner year for folk-pop duo Michael and Carissa Alvarado.

Republic Records

The Vine superstars, better known as Us The Duo, landed a deal with Republic Records and became the platform's first major label signing, toured internationally and released their sophomore album, No Matter Where You Are — all while continuing to post their popular #6SecondCovers on Vine.

Republic Records

To cap-off a successful year, the married musical team has put together a medley of their favorite songs from 2014.

"[The video] is like our last hurrah with covers for a while," Michael admitted in an interview with BuzzFeed. While singing other people's songs is what made them famous, writing and recording their third album is the couple's "top priority" for 2015. "That means between now and February we have to write fifty songs," he explained. Leaving little time for covers, six-second or otherwise.

Even though their Vine may be a little quieter in the coming months, Michael is clear that "doing covers has actually been really helpful" as the duo prepare for their next album.

He points to Carissa's imitation of Ariana Grande's riffing as an example. They weren't sure she'd be able to reach the right notes but when she did they both agreed they should try to stretch themselves vocally on the next album. "Doing these covers has made us realize some different talents we should bring into our original music."

Did your favorite #6SecondCover make the cut? Watch the full medley now to find out!

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