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Tina Belcher Throws A Dance Party In Sleater-Kinney's New Video

As strong, smart, sensual women are known to do.

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In unlikely but amazing pairings, today feminist rock icons Sleater-Kinney joined forces with the Bob’s Burgers team to produce an animated video for their song “A New Wave.”

Sub Pop / Fox

The clip begins with the Olympia-born band appearing in Tina Belcher's bedroom.

Of course Tina has a copy of No Cities to Love!

And things quickly take a turn for the psychedelic.

Sub Pop / Fox

But the Belcher siblings are into it.

Sub Pop / Fox

Because what's more fun than an animated dance party?

Sub Pop / Fox

And if there were ever any doubt, Carrie, Corin, and Janet slay just as much in two dimensions as they do in three.

Watch the awesomeness unfold below.

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