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    Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on Jun 7, 2016

    13 Things Only Couples Who Live With A Roommate Understand

    So much shower sex.

    1. You know that living with your partner and a roommate isn't weird — it's financially responsible.

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    2. And you think of those savings every time your roommate gets pissy about common-room PDA.

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    3. LOL, JK. You would never make-out in front of your roommate because 1) that's rude and 2) you have a secret Google calendar that keeps track of when your roommate will be out of the apartment and you can make-out on the couch in peace.

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    You know what they* say, "Organization makes the heart grow fonder and the sex a lot hotter."

    *"They" are other couples who live with roommates and understand your struggle.

    4. Not that you don’t get freaky when your roommate is home; it’s just that you can only have so much shower sex.

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    Fun fact: Shower sex was invented by a couple who wanted to get it on discretely while their roommate watched yet another episode of Property Brothers.

    5. You dream about hanging out in the living room in your underwear.

    6. Honestly, though, it's not PDA or sex scheduling or having to wear clothes all of the time that causes the most tension in your apartment — it's TV time.

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    There's so much to coordinate: Who is watching what and when? Who cares if you watch a show without them? How many episodes can somebody miss before they relinquish their right to watch with everybody else? What shows must be watched live?? What do you do when someone is watching the TV and you want to eat in silence??? Whose shows get DVR priority????

    7. There are definitely times when you prefer your roommate's company to your partner's.

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    8. You definitely make an effort to be your roommate's favorite.

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    They are, after all, the default tie-breaker when you and your partner disagree about what to order for dinner.

    9. That said, you have 100% blamed your roommate for something you did — and you'll do it again.

    Because, let's be real, your partner is not going to confront your roommate over the same low-level annoyances that you guys fight over day in and day out.

    10. Your relationship has probably benefited from trying not to fight or bicker in front of your roommate.

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    The presence of a third party has probably changed how you fight for the better because the only thing more embarrassing than fighting in front of your roommate is fighting dirty in front of your roommate. You're incentivized against giving into your worst, most inflammatory instincts.

    11. Someone — your landlord, probably — has mistakenly assumed that your roommate is actually your child.

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    Doesn't matter if you're all the same age, the idea that a couple would choose to live with a roommate just doesn't compute for some people.

    12. You've learned the hard way that nobody likes to be compared to Ted Mosby.

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    It doesn't matter if you were trying to be nice, Ted Mosby sucks. Ted Mosby was the worst part of the show he was the star of. Nobody wants to be the Ted. Especially not your roommate.

    13. You low-key dread the idea of living without your roommate.

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    Sure, sometimes you wish you had a smidge more privacy, but, in the end, it's nice to have someone else around.

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