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    Swifties Sent 8 Seconds Of White Noise To The Top Of The iTunes Chart

    It's official: Swifties will buy anything.

    Have you ever wondered what would happen if Taylor Swift released eight seconds of unnamed white noise as a single? Well, thanks to a glitch in the Canadian iTunes store, wonder no more!

    Earlier this morning eight seconds of mechanical hissing was released as "Track 3" off of Taylor's upcoming album 1989 and reached number one on the Canadian iTunes chart almost immediately.

    The glitch comes less than a day after iTunes accidentally released Taylor's second promotional single, "Welcome To New York," early in some European countries.

    To recap: less than ten seconds of untitled buzzing reached number one on the iTunes chart because, Taylor Swift.

    You can make your own conclusions about the quality of Canadian hearing and/or the supreme charting power of Taylor Swift.

    Just kidding Canada, we know you sent "Track 3" to number one because it would be impolite not to.