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40 Stunningly Beautiful Concert Posters

Every year at South By Southwest the American Poster Institute showcases the talents of some of the world’s best illustrators, designers, and artists at a gig poster exhibition called Flatstock. Here are some of the coolest pieces from this year's artists.

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"This first design here was created for Beck's latest Morning Phase tour.

It was one of over 50 designs I created and submitted for the whole tour.

Designing a new print for every show was the hardest I'd ever worked for any client. Beck is worth it. I love every one of his albums, and live he's tops… His band can't be beat.

The second design is the Devo print responsible for me getting to direct their interactive 'What We Do' video."

Kii Arens, La-La Land Prints

Justin Santora

"On four of the posters for Jack White's recent tour, I turned to the novels of Walter Tevis for inspiration. I felt there was a commonality between his characters and the voices on Jack's recent opus, 'Lazaretto'."

Rob Jones, Animal Rummy


"Every step of designing and printing a poster has its benefits and challenges, but I'm happiest when I'm inking and getting lost in the details. That's when my mind tends to calm down the most."

Neal Williams, Epic Problems

"Music and nature seem to touch me in the same way, so nature is sort of a recurring theme for me."

Travis Bone, Furturtle Show Prints


Adam Pobiak

"I watched recent video clips of the Avetts to ready myself for the project and really responded to the opener for their show at Red Rocks: 'Satan Pulls the Strings.' That track ended up guiding the imagery. I modeled the actual devil illustration after iconic photos of Robert Johnson. There's a hint of Steve Buscemi's character design from Boardwalk Empire in the portrayal as well. Maybe it's just my own paranoia, but whenever the phone rings I assume bad news is to follow...

For [the Arctic Monkeys] print I used the tesla ball more as a metaphor to evoke ideas of touching, closeness, and intimacy."

Todd Slater

Mishka Westell


Mike Klay, Powerslide Designs

Dan Stiles


Dan Black and Jessica Seamans, Land Land

"Everything is drawn meticulously by hand, and for some reason features an overabundance of feathers and leaves."

John Vogl, The Bungaloo

"This was the sixth of six posters I made for [Wilco's] special Chicago residency. I was aiming for a quintessential marriage of Wilco and Chicago, and think I achieved that.

[For the Alabama Shakes poster] I wanted to play with the more psychedelic and colorful sound the band is playing with on the new record."

Nate Duval

Sean Mort

"I build in opportunities for parts of my stencils to 'fail' into my drawings or mistakes to happen while printing, because if I wanted an exact representation of what's on the computer screen I'd use a normal printer."

Cecily Perez, a firebird surrounded

Ryan Duggan, Drug Factory Press

"My goal as a poster artist is to make a poster look appealing enough to compel a fan to go to the show, and then when they get there like the poster enough to want to buy it and make it their souvenir of a great night.

My favorite part of the process is visually illustrating what the band is trying to convey musically."

Scotty Roller, Scotty Roller Designs

"The Dillinger Escape Plan poster is partially inspired by Breaking Bad. The image was drawn around when the final episodes were airing, so my state of mind and obsession with the show are on full display here.

The Avett Brothers poster is part of a matching Halloween set that came about as a collaboration with Scott Avett, who is also a visual artist and a printmaker."

Miles Tsang

"Listening to [the SUUNS'] music provokes a post-apocalyptic feeling for me; I immediately had this image in my mind when I started working on the poster, one of the few finished pieces that stayed true to the initial sketches from start to finish.

[For Sleater-Kinney I was] working based on the featured line of lyrics. I aimed to get a feeling of 'going back to roots/nature' as the new album was so bloody great and really capturing the true grit of their original sound; they weren't merely making a comeback album, they were returning to their 'home.'"

Gary McGarvey, Horse

Jason Smith, Lurk And Destroy


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