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    21 Handwritten Opinions From Shawn Mendes

    The Viner turned pop star reveals his thoughts on headlining, Hogwarts, and everything in between.

    1. How do you actually write your songs — by hand or using technology?

    2. What’s your favorite lyric you’ve ever written?

    3. What song by another artist do you wish you had written?

    4. What’s your favorite song to cover?

    5. What makes a song hard to write?

    6. What’s your favorite Taylor Swift song?

    7. What’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you on stage?

    8. What was the most memorable concert you’ve ever played?

    9. What was the most memorable concert you’ve ever been to as an audience member?

    10. Do you have any preshow rituals?

    11. What’s the best or weirdest sign you’ve seen a fan holding at the show?

    12. You’re normally behind a guitar but in the “Something Big” video you do a little choreography — are you a good dancer?

    13. You’re about to be a headliner for the first time. What’s different about that?

    14. Do you have a second single picked out yet?

    15. What’s your favorite emoji?

    16. What’s your biggest fear?

    17. Print or cursive?

    18. Favorite subject in school?

    19. Do you still have a curfew?

    20. What’s the best mistake you’ve ever made?

    21. What Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?