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Premiere: Watch The Cast Of "Dear White People" Reunite In The New Music Video From Caught A Ghost

The electronic duo, featuring the film's lead actress Tessa Thompson, vogues with cast in the clip for soundtrack single "Get Your Life"

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Meet Jesse Nolan and Tessa Thompson, the talented twosome behind the genre-bending band Caught A Ghost.


The Los Angeles-based duo's laid-back sound has attracted the attention of Hollywood; their music has been featured on Suits, Grey’s Anatomy and, most recently, the Dear White People soundtrack.

Fans of Dear White People will recognize Tessa as the film’s activist with a heart of gold, Sam White.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, she explained that the soundtrack song "Get Your Life" was "a really nice point of intersection that happened organically.” After Dear White People premiered at Sundance, director Justin Simien asked if she and Jesse would be interested in contributing a song to the film. While they were thrilled to be included, Jesse confessed “it took until the eleventh hour to think of an original song.”

Ultimately, inspiration for the track came from the film’s close-knit cast and crew. “Lena Waithe, who is one of the producers, and Justin both use the expression ‘Get your life’ a fair amount." he said, “Whenever you’re just doing your thing, they say ‘Get your life!’” For Tessa, both the phrase and the song "speak to the experience of being young and trying to figure out what gives you life, what makes you happy.”

Join the party and ~get your life~ by watching the full video now.

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