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Premiere: Stromae Warns Of The Tweetpocalypse In Amazingly Animated "Carmen" Video

The Belgian singer takes aim at your social media addiction in his latest music video, created by the director of The Triplets of Belleville and The Illusionist.

This is Stromae. Maybe you've heard of him?

He's conquered Europe and now, at long last, he's bringing a unique brand of genre-bending pop stateside. Next week he'll embark on his second North American tour, and, today, he's releasing a new music video, exclusively on BuzzFeed Music.

The animated "Carmen" clip was directed by the acclaimed French filmmaker Sylvain Chomet. Stromae first teased the video on Instagram, an appropriate strategy given that it follows his drawn doppelgänger as he falls into the social media abyss.

His slow descent into Twitter madness begins innocently, with an adorable gap-toothed selfie.

But his thirst for followers quickly turns sour, with an angry Twitter bird demanding more and more attention.

"In 1875 Georges Bizet compared love to a rebellious bird." Stromae told BuzzFeed Music in an email. "140 years later (and in 140 characters-messages) love is a blue bird."

Things only get worse from there, as a crowd of oversized blue birds lead Stromae and his fellow Twitter addicts to slaughter.

Want to rethink your entire online existence? Watch the full "Carmen" video now.

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Stromae's album Racine Carrée is available now!