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Here's What Your Favorite Pop Stars Are Wearing This Halloween

Pegacorns, Cheetos, and Power Rangers, oh my! Last-minute inspiration from music's biggest stars (and some of their offspring!).

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Katy Perry as a Cheeto.

The "Flamin' Hot" variety, natch.

Taylor Swift as a pegacorn.

Clearly her spirit animal.

Beyoncé as Rhythm Nation-era Janet Jackson.

Bow down.

Blue Ivy played the Michael to Beyonce's Janet.

<3 <3 <3

Beyonce also dressed up as Frida Kahlo.


Because, obviously. So ***flawless.

Kanye West may be too cool for Halloween but daughter North looked adorable as Pepe Le Pew.

BRB, actually dying of cuteness.

Justin Bieber as a Power Ranger.

Lucy Hale as Twitter Dot Com.

Nicki Minaj as "the teacher's pet."

She looks good and that's all that matters.

Fifth Harmony's Normani Hamilton as a mummy.

Fifth Harmony's Dinah Jane Hansen as an FBI agent.

RING THE ALARM &#x1F6A8; but I&#x27;ll be damned if I see another chick on yo arm


RING THE ALARM but I'll be damned if I see another chick on yo arm

6:11 PM - 31 Oct 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello as princess Jasmine.

Fifth Harmony's AllyBrooke Hernandez as an Egyptian princess.

Miranda Lambert as Rosie the Riveter.

Aly & AJ as Romy and Michele.

Yes this happened last night......#postits #Romy&#x26;Michele

Aly & AJ Michalka@78VioletFollow

Yes this happened last night......#postits #Romy&Michele

3:01 PM - 31 Oct 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

Ed Sheeran as Austin Powers.

~Groovy baby, groovy~

Britney Spears as a witch.

It's Britney, witch.

Offstage she dressed up as sexy nerd.

Demi Lovato as a sugar skull.

Tinashe in a Mars Attacks mask.

Sexy AND scary. (Thanks to commenters for correcting this one!)

Miley Cyrus as Dolly Parton.

Iggy Azalea as a character from the movie White Chicks.

This is one way to deal with haters.

Jennifer Lopez as the devil.

Also, Demi Lovato dressed up as Lucy Ricardo!

Ariana Grande as a vampire.

Rihanna as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Teenage. Mutant. Nigga. Turtle$

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