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Miley Cyrus Rocks Out With Joan Jett To Benefit Homeless Youth

The pop star-turned-activist kicked off the launch of her Happy Hippie Foundation with a cover of the rock legend's song "Different."

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After months of hard work, Miley Cyrus’ Happy Hippie Foundation is finally a reality.

The nonprofit organization, which will focus on fighting the "injustice facing homeless youth, LGBT youth and other vulnerable populations," has been a passion project for the singer, who has been outspoken about youth homelessness in the past.

To raise awareness for the new charity, the pop star-turned-activist is releasing a series of live performances recorded in her backyard with friends like Ariana Granda, Laura Jane Grace, and Melanie Safka.

To kick things off, however, Cyrus released a video of her rocking out to Joan Jett's "Different" with the living legend right by her side.

Miley Cyrus / Happy Hippie Foundation

They trade verses about the perils of being different and the importance of staying strong in the face of bullies who'd rather tear you down than build you up.

Miley Cyrus / Happy Hippie Foundation
Miley Cyrus / Happy Hippie Foundation

Watch the incredibly badass and seriously inspiring duet in full now!

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