Here’s The Supervillain Love Story You Didn’t Know You Needed

Watch the James Bond-inspired clip now, exclusively on BuzzFeed Music.

1. This is Miike Snow.

Nick Zinner, Joachim Belaieff and Henrik Korpi / Atlantic Records

Comprised of singer Andrew Wyatt and production duo Bloodshy & Avant, the Swedish-American pop trio have been releasing left-of-center pop gems — “Animal,” “Burial,” “Paddling Out” — since they debuted in 2009.

2. This is the delightfully out-there music video for the group’s latest single, “Genghis Khan.”

3. The campy, dance-filled clip follows a conflicted supervillain as he works through exactly what it is he feels for his James Bond-esque foe.

Miike Snow

“Probably the best video I’ve ever been a part of, on any level,” Christian Karlsson told BuzzFeed Music in an email. “Spread that villain love!”

4. Why can’t he seem to vanquish his enemy?

Miike Snow

5. Could it be related to his unhappiness at home?

Miike Snow

6. Spoiler alert: Yep, those two things are definitely related.

Miike Snow

There is a fine, fine line between love and hate.

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