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    18 Reasons Your Ella Henderson Obsession Starts Now

    This glamorously soulful 18-year-old Brit is due for an American invasion.

    1. This is Ella Henderson. If you haven’t heard her fantastic hit single “Ghost” yet, you either live in America, under a rock, or both.

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    2. Two years ago the east England native auditioned for The X Factor UK and instantly proved herself to be one of the most soulful contestants in the show’s history.

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    3. For seven weeks, Ella's passionate vocals, old soul (real age: 18), and innovative ~eyeliner techniques~ wowed X Factor audiences.

    4. Her emotional covers always rivaled the original, which was especially impressive given that she was just 16 at the time.

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    5. And even though she didn't end up winning, it's OK because neither did the show's most successful alumni.

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    Sorry Leona Lewis, winning is for losers.

    6. Simon Cowell signed her anyway and gave her the nickname "Adella" because of her resemblance to Britain's other golden-voiced songtress.

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    7. Instead of rush releasing an album to capitalize on her X Factor ~fame~ she spent took two years to write and record her debut.

    8. That's right, she doesn't just sing like an angel — she writes like one too.

    9. And somehow in the middle of all of that she found the time to release this actually perfect cover of Drake's "Hold On, We're Going Home."

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    10. Her studio crafts definitely inspired Miley Cyrus' bedazzling binge.

    11. Related: Her nail art game is on point.

    12. All the hard work paid off because Chapter One, out TODAY in the UK (and, hopefully soon, in the U.S.), is basically a masterpiece.

    Syco Records

    13. While "Ghost" is great, the rest of the album is even better.

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    It seems impossible but it's true.

    14. So, to recap: Her singles are topping the charts.

    15. She's performing to sold-out crowds.

    16. Her nail art is truly exceptional.

    17. And X Factor contestants are singing the songs she wrote.

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    18. Things have come ~full circle~ and her career is only just beginning.

    Slay a bit, Ella.