Premiere: Ingrid Michaelson Helps Fans Face Their Fears In "Afterlife" Video

    This is what living in the moment looks like.

    Earlier this year, singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson's ode to romantic ambivalence, “Girls Chase Boys,” became her first Top 40 hit on the strength of its infectious hook and sexy, gender-bending video.

    It was the biggest song since her breakthrough 2007 single "The Way I Am," and now she's back with a follow-up single that sounds even bigger.

    Where “Girls Chase Boys” was appealingly aloof, “Afterlife” is the opposite: warm, affectionate, dance-party-friendly. Inspired by her mother's long battle with cancer (to which she sadly succumbed last month), the song is powerful and life-affirming.

    For the video, premiering here on BuzzFeed, Ingrid says she aimed to capture the song’s carpe diem spirit by helping fans overcome their deepest fears.

    In one particularly moving vignette, Michaelson gives a makeover to a young woman struggling with her gender expression.

    "Maeve really amazed me," Ingrid said of the girl, who was afraid her family wouldn't accept her for who she really was. "Her transformation into the person who she wanted to be was beautiful. I am so appreciative for all the people who came out to be a part of the video."

    "It's a song celebrating life. It's about overcoming any darkness in your heart and choosing to live in the present," Michaelson said.

    Join Ingrid and a few lucky fans in "Afterlife" by watching the full video now.

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