How Well Do You Remember These All-Star Duets?

    Two stars. One song title.

    Stumped? Guess three times or click to reveal the correct answer!

    1. What's the name of Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea's recent collab?

    2. What's the title of Charli XCX's collaboration with Rita Ora?

    3. What is the Katy Perry song Snoop Dogg is featured on?

    4. What's the name of Rihanna and Chris Brown's Unapologetic duet?

    5. What's the title of the song Pink sang with Lily Allen?

    6. What's the name of the Childish Gambino mixtape track that features Jaden Smith?

    7. What's the title of the Kendrick Lamar song Drake is featured on?

    8. What's the name of Lady Gaga's collaboration with Beyoncé?

    9. What Pinkprink track did Nicki Minaj collaborate on with Meek Mill?

    10. What's the title of Justin Bieber's song with Chance The Rapper?