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    Here's Kesha Singing About Being Seduced By A Producer Six Years Ago

    "I was a fresh 18, you're makin' me phat beats."

    After she was discovered by Dr. Luke, but before Animal made her a household name, Kesha recorded a trove of songs for her debut that got left on the cutting-room floor. One, titled "7 AM," is about being discovered by a producer who becomes a lover.

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    The song leaked online a few months after Animal was released in 2010. It was officially registered with BMI in 2008.

    I was a fresh 18(I'm bein' such a good girl)You call me while I sleep(Get into my world)You're makin' me phat beats(Oh God look at him)You're sayin' that you think I got star quality.

    Like "Dancing With The Devil," another unreleased song written years later about a relationship with a producer, "7 AM" takes on new relevance after Kesha's date rape and abuse accusations against Luke.

    In one especially chilling line aimed at the producer-turned-paramour she sings: "Need a shot of your tranquilizer." Kesha's lawyer, Mark Geragos, has alleged that Dr. Luke gave Kesha the date-rape drug GHB and called it "sober pills."