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    Posted on Nov 2, 2015

    If Social Media Ever Gets You Down, This Pop Song Is For You

    "Feels like I know you, but all I have is your picture."

    Meet Hannah Diamond, the princess of hyper-real pop.

    PC Music

    The singer is a member of PC Music, the London-based pop collective responsible for glossy Top 40 abstractions like “Hey QT,” “Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It,” and “Beautiful.” In addition to creating aggressively effervescent pop music, Diamond is a photographer and retoucher who is known for the intense, ultra-perfect aesthetic she's developed for herself.

    The London-based singer just released a new single that will resonate with anyone who’s ever experienced the Instagram blues.

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    Titled “Hi,” the glittery, impossibly upbeat tune is all about the isolation and alienation caused by social media.

    i-D / Via

    "The song is the story of an online relationship,” Diamond explained in a press release. “Not with one specific person, but with all the people you interact with, and how it can often feel really isolating in online spaces despite being constantly surrounded by others.”

    It’s the musical equivalent of posting a beautiful, #blessed selfie while you’re moping around at home, contemplating your own mortality.

    i-D / Via

    Listen to it the next time you’re scrolling through your feed, wishing, watching, waiting for someone to notice you.

    i-D / Via

    It's hyper-real AF.

    i-D / Via