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    Posted on Sep 23, 2015

    This Country Singer Makes Music On His Game Boy In His Spare Time

    Dillon Hodges is an award-winning guitarist whose chiptune covers will hit you right in the feels.

    This is firekid, aka country singer Dillon Hodges.

    Harper Smith / Atlantic Records

    The 24-year-old bluegrass artist is a gifted singer, songwriter, and fingerpicker.


    When it comes to that last one, Dillon is more than just "gifted" — in 2007, he won the National Flatpicking Guitar Championship and became the second-youngest person to ever win the title.

    Most of the time he makes bluegrass-influenced country-rock that sounds like this:

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    But sometimes, in his spare time, he uses his beloved Game Boy to make 8-bit covers that sound like this:

    Or this "Trap Queen" cover:

    Or this 8-bit rendition of TLC's "Waterfalls":

    Or this Beach Boys one:

    Occasionally he fuses bluegrass and bit music to create a weird, wonderful new sound:

    While Dillon is an admitted newbie to the world of chiptune, his hobby gets a lot of love at his shows and on his Instagram account.

    Dillion admits that the "nostalgia factor" plays a big role in his affection for Game Boy music.

    Chiptune: eight bits and a million feels.

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