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    Country Bros, Then And Now

    Behold the power of a good haircut.

    1. Blake Shelton

    Left: Blake Shelton dressed like a Billy Ray Cyrus impersonator in 2001, the year he released his self-titled debut.

    Right: A neatly trimmed Shelton looking like your friend's hot dad at an event for The Voice earlier this year.

    2. Jason Aldean

    Left: A fresh-faced Jason Aldean wearing every accessory in his closet at a red-carpet event in 2005.

    Right: A more mature Aldean at an event earlier this year. Coco Chanel once advised fashionistas to "look in the mirror and take at least one thing off" before leaving the house and it looks like the "Burnin' It Down" singer got the message.

    3. Jake Owen

    Left: Jake Owen was a floppy-haired dreamboat when he arrived on the scene back in 2006.

    Right: Flash-forward to 2015 — Owen is still a dreamboat, just a more closely shorn one.

    4. Kenny Chesney

    Left: Kenny Chesney looking like a country cliche around the release of his first album, In My Wildest Dreams, in 1994.

    Right: Kenny Chesney looking like a sexy beach bum at a concert in 2015.

    5. Hunter Hayes

    Left: Country elf Hunter Hayes bursts onto the scene with a self-titled album in 2011.

    Right: Cut to 2015, Hunter Hayes is still cute AF.

    6. Dierks Bentley

    Left: It's 2003 and Dierks Bentley is a curly-haired newcomer with a self-titled album and an affinity for embroidered shirts.

    Right: It's 2015 and Dierks Bentley is a superhot superstar with a faux-hawk and an affinity for all tight everything.

    7. Eric Church

    Left: A shaggy-looking Eric Church promoting his first album, Sinners Like Me, in 2006.

    Right: A decidedly more badass Church playing a concert earlier this year.

    8. Tim McGraw

    Left: This is what Tim McGraw looked like in 1993, the year his first album was released.

    Right: This is what Tim "Benjamin Button" McGraw looks like 2015.

    9. Luke Bryan

    Left: Luke Bryan liked shiny suits in 2007.

    Right: And Luke Bryan likes shiny suits today.

    10. Chris Young

    Left: Chris Young didn't understand the importance of fit back in 2006.

    Right: Today, it looks like the "Lonely Eyes" singer has a tailor on speed-dial.

    11. Brad Paisley

    Left: Brad Paisley looked like everybody's frumpy uncle back in 1999.

    Right: But the singer Neville Longbottomed pretty hard...