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    A Timeline Of Justin Bieber's Most Roast-Worthy Scandals

    He's been on his worst behavior for a while now.


    November 2: Fan Mariah Yeater alleges that 17-year-old Justin Bieber is the father of her 3-month-old child.

    November 16: After causing a tabloid frenzy, Yeater quietly drops her lawsuit.

    November 22: The teen singer allegedly takes a paternity test to clear his name.


    May 16: 18-year-old Bieber causes a stir when tells GQ magazine that he's "had a beer."

    May 28: The pop star gets in an altercation with the paparazzi while on a movie date with girlfriend Selena Gomez.

    July 6: Bieber is pulled over for going 80 mph while trying to evade paparazzi in Los Angeles.

    July 27: The singer reportedly gets chewed out by a fellow passenger for cursing loudly on a 12-hour Air New Zealand flight.

    November 7: The Biebs meets and becomes friendly with Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr.

    December 6: Bieber isn't nominated for any Grammys and manager Scooter Braun takes to Twitter to complain.

    December 12: The singer complains about not getting a nomination on Ellen.

    December 15: PETA is upset when Bieber gives a random fan his famous pet hamster, Pac, as a post-show present.


    January 6: TMZ publishes photos of Bieber with a suspicious-looking roll-up cigarette.

    January 23: Radio host Colette Harrington accuses the singer of spitting in her gatorade at the gym.

    February 2: Tabloids and TMZ release stories about Bieber partying with codeine sizzurp.

    February 8: Bitter about his lack of nominations, Bieber forgoes the Grammys in favor of a livestream.

    livestream is over capacity it not letting me in the room give me a second lol

    Feb 12: The pop star sics his fans on the Black Keys' drummer, Patrick Carney, after the rocker tells TMZ Bieber shouldn't feel bad about his lack of nominations because "he's making a lot of money."

    February 25: Bieber wanders around London wearing a gas mask.

    March 1: The staff of London nightclub Cirque du Soir don't allow 14-year-old Jaden Smith to join Bieber's birthday festivities, prompting the singer to whine on social media about having his event ruined.

    March 27: Bieber reportedly spits in his neighbor's face during a heated confrontation over his reckless driving habits.

    March 30: The singer's pet monkey is confiscated in Germany after Bieber tries to bring the animal into the country without proper documentation.

    April 13: The Internet erupts after Bieber visits the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and writes that he hopes "she would have been a belieber" in the museum's guestbook.

    April 25: Drugs and a stun-gun are found on Bieber's tour bus during a police search in Sweden.

    May 10: The underage singer posts a photo of himself drinking a beer on Instagram.

    May 31: Rumors of another lawsuit surface the same day his abandoned pet monkey is moved to a German wildlife park.

    July 10: TMZ releases a video of Bieber urinating in mop bucket and screaming "Fuck Bill Clinton!" at a nightclub in New York City.

    July 11: The singer is reportedly kicked out of a Chicago night club for underage drinking.

    July 16: An Ohio man claims that Bieber spit in his face after the singer's security team thought he took a picture of the underage star at a nightclub.

    July 25: Paparazzi photos of the teen star spitting off a balcony make the rounds on line after it's alleged that a group of fans were waiting below.

    August 5: Bieber puts a fan's cellphone down in his pants at a concert.

    November 6: The pop star's security team is photographed escorting a Bieber-esque figure out of a brothel in Brazil.

    October 13: Bieber is accused of assaulting a tour manager at a South Korean nightclub.

    October 21: The sexually explicit "Hold Tight" is released as a promotional single.

    September 30: The singer is photographed being carried up the Great Wall of China by his security team.

    (5) Another photo of Justin being carried by his bodyguards up the Great Wall of China (September 30th, 2013)

    November 4: The pop star cuts a concert short after a fan throws a water bottle on stage and knocks the mic out of his hand.

    November 8: Bieber is charged with vandalism after he tags the former Hotel Nacional in Rio de Janeiro. The government had given him permission to spray paint, but in a different area of the city.

    November 11: The singer calls out friends of ex Selena Gomez on promo single "All Bad."

    November 12: Brazilian model Tati Neves gives an interview calling Bieber "well-endowed" and "good in bed" after releasing a video of him sleeping.

    November 13: Argentinian fans are outraged when the pop star sweeps the country's flag offstage during a concert.


    January 4: NBC News reports that the pop star and his entourage smoked so much pot on a chartered flight that "the pilots were forced to wear oxygen masks."

    January 10: Bieber and his friends launch an egg assault on his neighbor's house

    January 23: The singer is arrested in Miami for DUI, drag racing, and resisting arrest.

    January 29: Bieber is charged with criminal assault for allegedly attacking a limo driver in Toronto.

    March 10: The singer is bratty and belligerent in a deposition tape released by TMZ.

    View this video on YouTube

    June 1: TMZ releases a previously unseen video of 15-year-old Bieber telling a racist joke.

    June 4: A second video of a young Bieber making racist remarks is released by TMZ.

    July 29: Bieber and Orlando Bloom come to blows in Ibiza, allegedly over snide remark the singer made about the actor's ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

    September 4: Bieber is charged with assault and dangerous driving after crashing his ATV into a minivan in Canada.

    Bieber has spent the last few months apologizing for his bad behavior, but can he really change? Only time will tell.