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9 Truly Iconic Moments From BET's Janet Jackson Tribute

Ciara, Jason Derulo and Tinashe danced their way through the pop legend's videography before she was awarded the Ultimate Icon: Music Dance Visual Award.

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1. Tinashe started things off with some "Miss You More"-inspired chair-ography.

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2. She also took some time to whip her hair around, "Pleasure Principle" style.

3. ♬ Baby you can't hold me down ♬

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4. Then Jason Derulo hit the stage to do an "All For You" tribute.

Black Doll / Virgin Records

5. Look at him, shakin' that thing.

All for you, Janet.

6. Next up, Ciara with the arm dancing from "If."

Black Doll / Virgin Records

7. It's hard to tell them apart, tbh.

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8. She then transitioned into the "Rhythm Nation" choreography.

9. And nailed it.


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Welcome back, queen!


We've missed you so much!