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The 38 Struggles Of Traveling By Plane

The things we do to see the people we love.

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1. Booking your flight.

IT COSTS HOW MUCH?? NO WAY AM I PAYING THAT. Yet somehow, the airline still ends up with your money.

3. Checking in.

*If you have to fly Southwest, you understand the life or death situation that is at hand when you have to check in EXACTLY when the clock turns to 24 hours before your flight or else board last and face the horror that is the middle seat.


4. Deciding how much time is required to get to the airport, get to your gate, and catch your flight.

There are two options.

A- give yourself so much time that you run your phone/computer battery low before you even get on the plane and

B- give yourself so little time that its physically impossible to get to your gate

5. Figuring out where to get dropped off.

Take a left, then a right, drive past the land of the dead, take another right, then its the 87th door on your right.

*It is essential to have an aggressive, experienced driver in order to survive this ordeal.

6. Double checking your flight status.

20 TV monitors, no idea where to look, not being able to find your flight and panicking as your mind immediately decides you have the wrong day, time, airport.. anything!

7. Security

People, it is not difficult to remove your shoes, have your liquids easily accessible, and shove them into random bins.


8. Finding your gate.

Its easily comparable to Chance, Shadow and Sassy's journey home.

9. Attempting to board in an orderly fashion.

HAHA. Its like cattle being herded into a chute.

10. Discovering who is sitting next to you.

Omg. CUTE GUY ALERT. Why did i pick sweatpants?! OF ALL DAYS.


12. Having to get up when those in your row need the bathroom.

Just when you FINALLY were settled.

14. Red Eyes.

It is physically impossible to get comfortable enough to sleep on these flights.

15. Snoring old men on Red Eyes.

As if it isn't bad enough you have to deal with staying awake because you are so uncomfortable.


16. Turbulence.


17. Sick people.


Thank you, random citizen, for coughing and sneezing in our uncomfortably small enclosed space, thereby exposing us to millions of germs that are about to attack our immune systems.

19. Excessive drinkers.

We are on a plane people, get it together.

(These people would be friends with Scott Disick.. aka Kris Jenner)


20. Honeymooners.

Scenario A. Two of the most awkward people sit next to you and are madly in love and somehow, you are still alone. #ididntchoosethesinglelifethesinglelifechoseme

Scenario B. Two of the most attractive people sit next to you. YEP, DONT MIND ME IM JUST GOING TO DIE ALOME NBD.

21. Those with carry ons that are clearly too big.

You know they've packed too much when they can't even walk down the aisle.

22. Those with more than 1 carry on and 1 personal item.

Just, no.

23. Sitting next to a person with a "smell".

It's called a shower.


25. Getting off the plane.

Stand in front of me and I will hurt you.

27. Finding an outlet.

Better watch out, it's like the hunger games when an open outlet it discovered.


28. Purchasing anything.

Buying a magazine and a water? Yes, that will be $87.

29. NEVER spotting famous people.

I'm looking at you Ian Somerhalder. Someday we will meet. And it will be magical.

30. Repeat numbers 7 - 24 for additional flights.

Well, here we go again.


33. Customs.

Congratulations, by the time you make it through you will be 100 years. old.


36. Finding baggage claim.

Surprise! You need to take 8 shuttles and trains before walking 13 miles to get there.

37. Reuniting with your luggage.

10 baggage claims and no idea which one my stuff is going to be on.

39. Hugging your loved ones, which makes it all worth it.

Dawww. Precious. (This is especially true when it deals with soldiers returning home.. BRB I need a tissue or 7)

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