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Watch 530 Students In Haiti Browse A Library For The First Time And...

…how A Nonprofit Plans To Replicate This All Across The Developing World.

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1. Six Degrees of Education

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Library For All / Via

It doesn't hurt to have a British accent narrate either.

2. Every story begins with a problem...

Library For All / Via

Imagine an empty library...or a world with no books at all.

This is the case for 250 million children in the world.

3. The solution...

Library For All / Via

Did you know mobile phone networks can be used to deliver ebooks? They're such tiny files that the networks in developing countries like Haiti are sufficient to bring books to students!

Library For All was founded in March 2012 to build an app that will work on phones, tablets, or PCs to provide access to a cloud-based digital library.

4. Fast-forward 19 months...

Library For All / Via

A school in Haiti of 530 students now have access to a digital library.

Students read books in Creole, their own language, for the very first time. Magical.

5. Here are some happy kids at the school in Haiti.

Library For All / Via

Yay books!

6. And...more happy kids!

Library For All / Via

All these children will now have access to a digital library, read books in their own language, and view illustrations of their own country.

7. can this solution be brought to kids all over the world?

Library For All / Via

And how can you help? Library For All is running a campaign called Six Degrees of Education, to engage all of us to reach 17 key influencers/funders to accelerate their impact!

8. The power of six degrees

Library For All / Via

All you have to do is follow, like, and share Library For All's Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts and use hashtag #LFAsixdegrees so that the people they are trying to meet can see the overwhelming support this nonprofit has behind them.

Track the campaign here: Six Degrees of Education

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