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    Canada Wants To Know... Whats With The Wall, America?

    Scott Walker says YES*, Trump says No. Where did this wall idea come from anyways?

    *Scott Walker's comments may have been skewed by the press, turning the idea of focus of Homeland Security into a ridiculous notion of border security. Still, it's fun to imagine what The Wall would look like!

    Hi-Diddly-Ho, Neighbour!

    Jim Watson/AFP / Getty Images / Via

    The 2016 presidential election is heating up like a high-school slow dance.

    Even in Canada we are watching with anticipation to see who our next southern neighbour will be.

    The relationship between our two nations has, for the most part, been quite friendly. We are the Ned to your Homer, so it's no surprise that Canadians are wondering where the idea of this wall came from, and how its actually turned into a major platform point for the presidential hopefuls.

    Thierry Noir, 1986 / Via

    Lets be honest, the world has a fascination with walls: China has a wall, Germany had a wall, Israel has a wall, Hadrian has a wall, etc. There have been a lot of walls, and all of them were built for keeping people out, and keeping people in.

    The Great Ameri-Canadian Wall

    When Electoral Candidates mention The Wall, a lot of images start popping up for what that might look like... Lets capture this idea using Game of Thrones, shall we?

    Canada will play the North, (obviously).

    Game Of Thrones - HBO / Via

    This is how the wall may look from the American side...

    HBO - Game of Thrones, Season 5, Ep. 8 / Via

    And here's how Americans might imagine an illegal border crossing going down...

    Canadian whights be like, "Gotta get me some White Castle!"

    The Entrance to the Peace Bridge

    HBO - Game of Thrones / Via

    Lineups at border crossings would get a lot longer with this level of security!

    Say goodbye to day-trips into Buffalo, everyone! So long, tax-exemption discount.

    HBO - Game Of Thrones / Via

    What was once a (somewhat) patient wait to talk to TSA would now feel almost like death. Just imagine how tiresome it would be to keep the kids happy...

    Hey there, Neighbour!

    Home Improvement / Via

    Lets just go back to the way things were before The Wall ever came up, Ok? You do you, America, and we'll be here on our side of the flowerpots, sipping our Timmies and counting down the days until hockey season starts again.

    As you know, Winter is Coming.