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    17 Women Who Prove Crochet Braids Are The Perfect Summer Hairstyle

    Now crochet, away.

    1. These raven ringlets:

    2. These deep purple curls:

    3. These shiny coils:

    4. This big hair moment:

    5. These easy twists:

    6. This crimped amber set:

    7. These highlighted spirals:

    8. These wavy locs:

    9. This fierce mane:

    10. These fluffy curls:

    11. This feathered fro:

    12. This bunned updo:

    13. This Cruella de Vil nod:

    14. These burgundy Havana twists:

    15. This big, bouncy afro:

    16. These long rope twists:

    17. And this bold-streaked 'do: