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14 Things Everyone With Vitiligo Is Tired Of Hearing

Yeah, I know Michael Jackson had this disease.

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1. "What is that?!"

thosegirlsarewild / Creative Commons / Via

Wow. Way to make a spectacle. Thanks.

2. "You know Michael Jackson had that, right?"

The CW

What? In all my time with this skin disease I have not, in fact, heard that!

3. "Is it contagious?"

Dermablend Professional / Cheri Lindsay / Via

No. 😒

4. "It looks gross."


And you are gross. Now shoo.

5. "Are you a burn victim?"

Desigual / Via

Even if I was, that's a forward question to ask.

6. "What happened there?!"


Tf is wrong with you? You can't just go up to people and ask that!

7. "You look like a cow!"

WeTV / Via

Do you want me to tell you what you sound like right now?

8. "You look like one of those psychological ink blot tests."

The CW


9. "I knew [insert random person here] with that."

The CW

What does that have to do with me, though?

10. "Can you fix it?"

ABC / Via


11. "Is it genetic?"

Desigual / Via


12. "Is your mom black and your dad white or something?"


Did you think before asking that?

13. "When did that start happening?"

Lindsay Dunn / Via

Idk. Go away.

14. "So is it, like, everywhere – if you know what I mean?"


Don't worry about what's on my body, thanks.

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