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14 Things Grandkids Who Were Raised By Grandparents Will Understand

"Have you eaten? Make sure you eat!"

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1. Everything becomes a story about when they were growing up.


"Riding the bus to school is annoying? Let me tell you – I had to walk to and from school in the hot sun. There was no bus!"

2. The gap in age gets challenging when you want to talk about touchy things, like politics...

National Urban League / Via

3. ...But it's REALLY helpful for insight on dating.


Whether they've dated often or have been with their S.O. for decades, they have experience and perspective.

4. You get frustrated when you have to explain things like texting or Facebook...


5. ...or when they freak out about news headlines.

CBS Studios International

Just because someone got killed from a Craigslist meet up doesn't mean the internet is dangerous, grandma.

6. They don't quite get the need to go over to a friend's house or have them over all the time.

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"Why do y'all always have to be in someone's house?!"

7. Because they’ve seen so much, they’re overprotective whenever you're out of the house with friends. / Via Adult Swim

8. They have more traditional views on dating.

HelloDenizen / Via

"Make sure they come to the door to greet you!"

9. They're quick to critique the way you dress.

Elle Girl Japan / Via

"Isn't that a little short?" (But it's not a question.)

10. It's almost impossible to get any help with homework from your grandparents because everything has changed since they were in school.


11. Your grandpa or grandma will slip up and refer to each other as your mom or your dad.

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"Do what your mother – I mean grandmother – asked you to do."

12. And sometimes you'll slip up and do the same.


13. You often get compared to your mom or dad when they were your age.

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"You know your mom didn't have it this good growing up!"

14. But despite the challenges that come with being raised by grandparents, you feel lucky that you have two people who care for you and consider you their very own child.

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