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    Aug 5, 2015

    15 Things Every Broke Food Lover Can Relate To

    My stomach's saying let's go but my wallet is saying no.

    1. Whenever you try to budget, the craving of a good burger and fries throws things off.

    Shaking Food Gifs / Via

    2. You always want to try a fancy new restaurant with your friends, but your bank account won't let you.

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    3. You have to limit yourself to appetizers and water when you go out to eat.

    CBS Television Distribution / Via

    Maybe I'll get that sampler appetizer.

    4. You get happy AF when a friend asks if you want to try some of their food.


    5. You have to hold back tears when you're really craving dessert after a meal.

    Universal Pictures

    That red velvet cake will have to wait for another time.

    6. You have a mental database of places to go for cheap eats.

    Cartoon Network

    7. You know the cheaper menu items at your favorite restaurant by heart.

    Warner Bros.

    8. You use circular reasoning to justify ordering food.

    Sony Pictures Entertainment

    I saved $20 last week, so it can just go toward Chinese this weekend!

    9. You often rationalize trying a fancy new milkshake or specialty dessert.


    You probably won't be able to get a cake batter shake anywhere else, so why not try it now?!

    10. Sometimes you'll pay extra for a meal and go the rest of the week on ramen.

    TV Tokyo / Cartoon Network / Via

    It's worth it, tbh.

    11. No matter the amount of perfectly good food you have at home, you always have the urge to go out to eat.

    12. You live vicariously through Food Network.

    Food Network / Via

    Sure, I can get into Ina's gourmet mac and cheese while I eat my bowl of Easy Mac.

    13. You've been forced to learn how to step up basic pasta by adding in fancy spices and herbs.

    The Jim Henson Company

    A little cayenne and thyme never hurt no one.

    14. You often wake up craving a giant breakfast on the weekends, but you can't just spend $15 on brunch.

    Lifetime / Via

    15. You've adapted by mastering the copycat versions of your favorite restaurant meals.

    Parkwood / Colombia

    Breadsticks, chicken fingers, molten lava cakes – you've learned them all.

    But despite the struggles, you make it work because food is just too good to not enjoy.

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