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21 Things That Happened On Every '90s Sitcom Ever

Tropes. Tropes everywhere.

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1. The pilot always goes out of its way to explain who everyone is.

Carsey-Werner Productions

Character One: Hello my smart, hard-working daughter!

Character Two: Hi, dad who works a blue collar job!


7. The "bad boy" who eventually becomes part of the family.

Disney–ABC Domestic Television

He's either associated with the family by friendship or as a love interest of one of the kids.


13. Aside from specific character tropes, there's a "very special episode" that teaches a life lesson.

CBS Television Distribution

Like the dangers of stimulant abuse, smoking, or alcohol.

17. There's a heart-to-heart talk with a parent about relationships.

CBS Television Distribution

Death of a family member, break-ups, and moving away from friends all required a sit-down talk complete with a hug.


21. And, as a filler, there’s always an episode that uses flashbacks to recap what's happened so far throughout the series.

Columbia Pictures Television

Featuring bloopers, extra scenes, and a recap of the series so far.


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