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    21 Things That Happened On Every '90s Sitcom Ever

    Tropes. Tropes everywhere.

    1. The pilot always goes out of its way to explain who everyone is.

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    Character One: Hello my smart, hard-working daughter!

    Character Two: Hi, dad who works a blue collar job!

    2. The show is always centered around a pretty conventional family, including...

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    3. The overachieving kid.

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    4. The cute and youngest child of the family.

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    Sometimes they'll even get brought in as the series nears cancellation to freshen stuff up!

    5. The kid that's always doing their own thing.

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    Sometimes a bit of a "screw up," but always means well.

    6. The best friend that's always at the house.

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    *inserts joke about food at their own house here.*

    7. The "bad boy" who eventually becomes part of the family.

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    He's either associated with the family by friendship or as a love interest of one of the kids.

    8. The family pet (usually a dog) that only shows up when it's convenient for the plot.

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    9. There's the family friend that routinely acts as a confidant to the kids.

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    10. And the annoying neighbor...

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    11. ...who glo'd up in later seasons.

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    12. Every '90s sitcom has the “will they/won’t they” couple.

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    Sometimes it gets dragged out for the whole series.

    13. Aside from specific character tropes, there's a "very special episode" that teaches a life lesson.

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    Like the dangers of stimulant abuse, smoking, or alcohol.

    14. At some point, at least two of the main characters date each other.

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    15. There's the hangout spot that acts as a backdrop for most of the mishaps of the show.

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    16. There's a flash-forward episode that looks at what could become of the main characters.

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    17. There's a heart-to-heart talk with a parent about relationships.

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    Death of a family member, break-ups, and moving away from friends all required a sit-down talk complete with a hug.

    18. At some point throughout the series, there's a friend breakup.

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    But only for an episode!

    19. And the gang goes on vacation to Disneyland, a cabin, or a beach somewhere.

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    And usually something goes wrong on the trip.

    20. No '90s sitcom had a complete run without a few celebrity guest stars.

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    21. And, as a filler, there’s always an episode that uses flashbacks to recap what's happened so far throughout the series.

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    Featuring bloopers, extra scenes, and a recap of the series so far.

    But despite these predictable tropes, we still love the nostalgia of '90s sitcoms.