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After Nearly A Decade, JoJo Is Finally Back With New Music

The pop star collectively calls them a #tringle.

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JoJo surprised fans by releasing III., an EP of three singles on her website Thursday.

She also wrote a note of thanks to her fans that said, "THANKFUL AND EXCITED to share these three singles with you!! Thank you from the bottom to the top of my heart for your support over the years. The journey is just beginning..."

Originally, the songs were going to be released Friday, August 21, but JoJo surprised her fans a day early with "Say Love," "Save My Soul," and "When Love Hurts."

The three songs focus on love and heartbreak and feature JoJo's signature strong vocals, and a bass-heavy R&B/pop sound.

"When Love Hurts" is a booming, melodic track about the worthwhile challenge of a relationship. “Say Love” is a soaring ballad that calls for authenticity and depth in a relationship. And "Save My Soul" is a dance-pop single about the process of breaking up.

JoJo hinted that something new was coming when she posted these images on her Instagram along with a new promo photo two weeks ago.

JoJo / Instagram / Via Instagram: @iamjojo

She's also teased the singles with behind the scenes clips of recordings.

The new music is a welcome change for JoJo – she got out of her record label contract after her new music was continually put on hold.

Welcome back, JoJo. The singles are bops.

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