19 "Fear Factor" Moments That Are Nasty AF

    Factor in your gag reflex.

    1. When this contestant had a leech stuck in his throat after eating them during a challenge.

    2. This Fear Factor-style breakfast: silkworm cereal, one glass of liquefied pig liver, and three duck embryos.

    3. When these contestants had to drink up to 30 ounces of donkey sperm or urine.

    4. When contestants had to eat a bowlful of blended rat.

    5. When this guy ate a tomato hornworm and it squirted on other contestants.

    6. When this guy had trouble keeping his sausage down.

    7. When these thrill seekers ate roadkill they previously had to shovel.

    8. When these newlywed contestants ate a Fear Factor wedding cake filled with worms, beetles, and alligator eyeballs.

    9. Or when these contestants had to bite into cow intestines, drain the fluid, and then drink it.

    10. When the other contestants' next snack was an Iraqi camel spider.

    11. Or drinking the juice from cow eyes.

    12. When this woman dug into some boiled buffalo testicles.

    13. When this man splashed around in 50 gallons of cow’s blood.

    14. When Fear Factor made their version of sushi.

    15. When dinner featured a cow snout and maggot-covered cheese.

    16. When they hosted a picnic featuring sheep’s brain pie.

    17. When this contestant tried to psyche herself up to finish her deer balls and 100 year old eggnog.

    18. When this contestant who didn't know whether to eat or regurgitate his Fear Factor pizza.

    19. When this couple had to suck milk from a goat – and drink it.